Gino – ένα προϊόν που πρέπει να στηρίξουμε

Gino: The Personal Air Sanitiser

A revolutionary lightless filter technology that can remove microbes from the air.

 Gino is a personal air sanitiser and is aimed specifically at eliminating microbes from the air around you. 

Gino has some unique advantages:

ELIMINATES MICROBES FROM THE AIR. Gino is not a typical air purifier that blocks pollutants and tries to do a little bit of everything. Gino is designed to do one thing really well and this is to destroying microbes from the air. Most air purifiers collect microbes on the filter. The result will be resulting to an increasingly saturated filter that stimulates the growth of mould and is a source of bacteria.

REVOLUTIONARY FILTER TECHNOLOGY.  Gino’s filter is durable, washable and dishwasher safe. It does not allow any mould growth. HEPA-type filters diminish in time and it is likely that those pollutants and microbes are released to the environment.

ELEGANT, UNOBSTRUCTED AND ECONOMICAL DESIGN. It is a simple design and consists of very few component parts. It is a table top design and can be placed near where people sit or interact.

LONG LASTING & SUSTAINABLE. No filter replacement is required for more than 5 years (if used according to manufacturers instructions) and no disposable filters are going to the landfill. Gino technology does not require LEDs that could degrade and dim over time.

EASY TO LIVE WITH. Gino has a very low power consumption and it is quiet to run. It is USB powered and it can run off a power bank for more than 6 hours. Gino also has the lowest power consumption from any air device in the market.

How Gino Works

Gino draws in harmful air from the top and releases microbes-free air at 360° around the device. 

Gino uses a nanotech coating linked to a biocidal active substance*. The process consists of two stages. First, the microbes are attracted to the inner surfaces of the channels in the honeycomb filter where they are then trapped. Second, they are destroyed by a rapid chemical reaction with our novel nanotech surface treatment of the filter channels. 

The treatment causes the microbes to burst like balloons touching a cactus.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

For more information and a wide range of tests, visit Gino website: